Sorcery & Blood

A serialized novel.

The night is quiet except for the sounds of a water fountain and footsteps. A tall and large man steps under a streetlight revealing a scarred face. He wears a crusty long-sleeve dark shirt, boots, and pants. A woolen scarf is draped across his thick neck, touching his rotund stomach. Slowly, his eyes scan over the red and white house. He stares down the daggers carved in the oak wood door, snarling at its sight. Thereat the giant stops to smack their lips. He takes in a strong inhale. There is no mistake in this taste and scent.

“Sorcery,” he said.


DISCLAIMER: this is was the ending that I decided to separate from chapter 1. So, now the series is fully focused on Glaser and Soul.


Under the bright sun and cloudy sky. Away from the police combing the area and news crews. The blood no longer glistens; it has dried and caked onto his face and hand—the same one he used to pull out her heart. He finds a windowless brick house in an open area of the woods. The myriad-colored abode, no bigger than a tool shed, is engraved with moving faces of people who all look terrified. One brick depicts an elderly woman’s face shifting from shock to tears. He knocks. The door opens; a woman dressed in a white robe greets him.